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Gentle Kids Dentistry!

Why choose Gentle Dental for your kids?

Gentle Dental has got lots of great child friendly dentists on our team! We're proud that we're known in both the local and expat populations for being a child friendly dental group.

Our Gentle Touch for our kid patients includes: comforting and cozy clinic surroundings, overhead TVs showing cartoons, gentle treatments and anaesthetics for a pain free experience, toys and children books in the waiting area, and of course dentists that love treating kids to engage them!

We've even got our very own kids dental mascot superhero, Captain Gentle! He is a baby tooth that is brave and strong, hates cavities, and loves to be clean!

captain gentle

How to get your kids to love the dentist!

Kids don't have to be afraid of the dentist! Children must start good oral hygiene habits from young, and the 6-monthly dental check-up is a big part. Here are some tips to prepare your child for his first dental visit.

First, before the visit, explain to your child why you're going to the dentist, and practice and role play with him to make it a game. (Try a dental health book!)

Second, start young! Bring your child to a dentist at age one for a check-up and to let him get to know the dentist and the clinic. The dentist will also give you advice on his teeth to prevent cavities and ensure everything stays dandy.

Third, bring your child along to an older sibling's dental visit or even your own, so they'll have a role model to follow!

Fourth, find a dentist who enjoys treating kids! We will have toys for your child to play with, props, and even a TV playing age-appropriate shows for him to watch during treatment. We also have flavoured medicaments and specialised equipment to make his visit a happy and pain-free one.

Fifth, if you're dental phobic yourself, don't scare your child! If you have negative feelings, he will pick up on it! So be cheery and excited about the visit too!

Lastly, after a successful dental visit, do reward your child! (But not with candy!)

When should my child first see a dentist?

A child should first see a dentist when his/her teeth first erupt. Treatment may not be possible at such a young age, but it is always good to start acclimatising the child to regular dental treatment early on, to ensure there is no fear of dental treatments later on. In addition, proper oral hygiene and preventive measures will be taught to you so you can prevent dental problems for your child as he grows up.

Why should dental visits start so early?

Early dental visits allow the child to form a relationship with his/her dentist, and to form a habit of good oral hygiene from a young age. In addition, many young children suffer from early childhood caries / milk bottle caries, which can result in the child needing multiple fillings or extractions. This is an easily preventable condition which the dentist can teach you to protect your child from.

How do I prepare my child for the first dental visit?

You can prepare your child by first bringing your child along to watch an older sibling or other family member undergo a dental checkup. You should also bring along the child's toothbrush so he can be taught a proper brushing technique. Lastly, you should not scare your child with regards to dental treatment, especially if you are dental phobic yourself!

At what age are the permanent teeth erupting and what I need to take note of?

Permanent teeth begin erupting at approximately the age of six, starting with the first permanent molars. At this age, children may not be able to maintain good oral hygiene yet, so supervised toothbrushing may be necessary. In addition, when the permanent incisors begin to erupt, it is about time to switch the child to a pea-sized amount of adult toothpaste instead of a children's toothpaste.

So, call us at our clinic locations, and make an appointment with a Gentle Dentist for your child's teeth today!


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